Art Exhibition

Organized by 1708 Gallery, a nonprofit arts organization

Linden Row Inn is a proud supporter of the arts.  On that note, 1708 Gallery, a local arts nonprofit, has been provided exclusive access to organize seasonal art exhibitions in the public areas of the Linden Row Inn.  

The work is displayed in the Parlour Lobby and Dining Room for guests and the public to enjoy. Part of the mission of 1708 Gallery's curatorial work for this venue is to show contemporary art that complements and creates a bridge with the historic interior and unique architechture of the Linden Row Inn. 

The works on exhibition at the Linden Row Inn are available for sale, and all proceeds from the sale of art go directly to the artist and 1708 Gallery.

Linden Row Inn participates in First Fridays RVA with a reception the first Friday of every month from 5 to 9 p.m. 

Current Exhibition:  TBD

1708 Gallery is pleased to present TBD, a satellite exhibition at Linden Row Inn through July 31, 2016. TBD features works by Cynthia Henebry, Allen Rosenbaum, Kendra Wadsworth, and Erin Willett.

TBD is used as an abbreviation or initialism for numerous actions: to be dated, to be decided, to be declared, defined, deducted, delivered, derived, designed, destroyed, developed, discussed, documented, done…even Torpedo Boat Destroyer. Or my favorite: determined. Each artist’s action seems apropos for this interplay and contemplation of layers of content.

Amie Oliver, curator of this exhibition, is an artist and educator and a board member of 1708 Gallery.

Special thanks to 1708 Gallery for curating and installing this exhibition.    For further information on 1708 Gallery, please go to or visit them at 319 W. Broad Street, Tuesday through Friday between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.